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A Weekend In Wine Country

Tree Designers: Shonnessy Gilmore and Kate Corona

What inspired you to design for Mary Bridge's Festival of Trees?

I have had many family members benefit from Washington's excellent healthcare system, and this sounded like a fun way to give back to a community that can always use a little more joy. Also, we share a love of bringing delight to people during the holiday season through decorating!  

How long have you been involved with the Festival of Trees?

This is our first year taking part in the Festival of Trees. We are so excited and hoping to meet our personal fundraising goal for the children.

What is your theme and inspiration for this year's tree?

Our theme is "A Weekend In Wine Country." We're focusing on the Woodinville wine experience, an area and subject we know well. We thought about how cozy a winery in the winter with mulled wine, frosted glass, and glittering lights feels, and the joy of focusing on the local businesses that make Washington so exceptional.

What packages are you planning to include with your tree? 

We have two different hotel stays, restaurant gift certificates, some classes, wine tastings, a wine cruise, and expo experiences in Woodinville and Seattle for throughout the 2018 season. We also have wine, cider, and wine-related items. We would love more donations that fit the theme; wine classes, expos, individual bottles, wine accessories, art. Our goal is to keep everything local to Washington state.

Contact information: [email protected] and 206.948.9737.

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