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Committee Members

2018 Event Chair
Chelsea Boseley

Past Chair Advisors
Michelle Tannozzini
Marquelle Butler
Stephanie Howe

Bridge Builders Luncheon
Chair:Tonya Winski

MultiCare Employee Night
Chair: Teresa Nickel
Volunteers: Kristin Wells

Community Events
Chair: Kris Barker
Giving Tree: Janice Paulson
Kids Activities: Sally Burrows
Santa Land: Barbra Colburn & Cierra Nelson
Special Tours: Kari Maenhout & Lisa Ward
General Volunteers: Linda Johnson

Tinsel on the Town
Chair: Miles Eaton
Special Event Assistants: Lisa Belski & Michelle Tannozzini
Registration & Banking: Ellen Bilski, Kelli Shaw, & Madison Wojciechowki
Procurement: Randy Foley & Jessie Shaw 
Silent Auction: Lisa Belski
Volunteers: Deborah Anderson & Noelle McPherson
Raffles: Jesse Shaw

Chair: Katie Meier
Registration & Banking: Matt Kohler
Silent Auction: Sierra Larkin & Hillary Pepin
Volunteers: Monica Craig
Raffles: Cierra Nelson

Trees Group
Chair: Bev Parnell
Tree Designers: Robin & Julia Bachmeier
Wreath Procurement: Sarah Howard & Andrea Smith
Mini Tree Procurement: Lynnette Crouse
Tree Accounting: Maria Ichiyama
Tree Angels: Cathy & Dennis Early

Special Staff
Catering: Jen Pacheco
Mary Bridge Brigade Liaison: Dianne Hargreaves
Mary Bridge Brigade Gift Shop: Linda Armstrong
General Banking: Pali Lipoma
Risk Management: Patty Ferguson

Foundations of MultiCare Staff
Foundation Executive Director: Alicia Chapman
Director of Special Events and Corporate Relations: Shawn Harris
Festival of Trees Event Manager: Kelly Werner