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MultiCare has decided to cancel all in-person fundraising events for the remainder of 2020 to ensure the safety of our community.

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Committee Members

2020 Event Chairs
Charlene Richardson
Lauren Boulanger

2020 Event Chair Assistant
Alice McDaniel

Past Chair Advisors
Katie Meier
Chelsea Boseley
Michelle Tannozzini

Bridge Builders Luncheon
Chair: Tonya Winski

MultiCare Employee Night
Chair: Teresa Nickel
Volunteers: Kristin Wells

Community Events
Chair: Sierra Larken
All Events Volunteer Liaison: Sierra Larken
Entertainment: Margo McTavish
Finance/General Banking: Jenn Mykland & Cindy Moore

Giving Tree: Hilary Pepin
Kids Activities: Sally Burrows
Santa Land: Cierra Nelson
Special Tours: Kari Maenhout & Lisa Ward

Tinsel on the Town
Chair: Rose Norbe

Chair: Lindsey Jensen
Special Event Assistants: Ginny Solomon and Miles Eaton
Raffles: Miles Eaton
Volunteer Liaison: Ginny Solomon and Miles Eaton

Trees Group
Jeri Campbell
Tree Designers: Robin & Julia Bachmeier
Wreath Procurement: Sarah Howard & Andrea Smith
Mini Tree Procurement: Megan Steinhauer
Tree Accounting: Maria Ichiyama
Tree Angels: Cathy & Dennis Early

Special Staff
Miles Eaton
Mary Bridge Brigade Liaison: Charlene Richardson
Mary Bridge Brigade Gift Shop: Linda Armstrong
Procurement Team: Alison Clifton, Jessica Fogel, & Christie Wakefield
Risk Management: Patty Ferguson

Foundations of MultiCare Staff
Foundation Executive Director: 
Alicia Chapman
Director of Special Events and Corporate Relations: Shawn Harris
Festival of Trees Event Manager: Kelly Werner