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Committee Members

Event Chair and Past Chair

2016 Event Chair

Marquelle Butler

Past Chair Advisors

Stephanie Howe
Cathy Early
Patty Ferguson


Chair: Frani Greenleaf
Staging: Frank & Annette Bannon
Physical Arrangements: Roy Teter

Bridge Builders Luncheon

Chair: Tonya Winski

MultiCare Employee Night

Chair: Teresa Nickel

Community Events

Chair: Katie Meier
Kids Activities: Sally Burrows
Santa Land: Barbra Colburn
Special Tours: Kari Maenhout & Lisa Ward
Entertainment: Debbie Hushagen
Santa's Breakfast: Lacey Hammer
General Information & Raffles: Linda Johnson
General Volunteers: Brianna Hickey

Tinsel on the Town

Chair: Michelle Tannozzini
Registration & Banking: Amanda Hodgkiss
Live Auction: Emily Engelhardt
Silent Auction: Ryann Robinson
Procurement: Monteze Curry, Rose Norbe, Lindsey Jensen
Entertainment: Charlie Hill
Volunteers: Judy Hart
Catalog: Cindy Bertozzi Turco
Raffles: Jennifer Randazzo


Chair: Jill Squires
Registration & Banking: Matt Kohler
Live Auction: Kathy Kleber
Silent Auction: Leora Miyasato
Volunteers: Susie Ulsund
Raffles: Caroline Phill

Trees Group

Chair: Stephanie Albanese
Tree Designers: Chelsea Boseley
Tree Advisors: Heather Crider, Vanessa Honn, Jodi McWhirter
Gala Catalog: Cindy Bertozzi Turco
Wreath Designers: Sarah Howard & Andrea Smith
Mini Tree Designers: Lynnette Crouse
Tree Angels: Dennis Early
Tree Accounting: Maria Ichiyama
Tree Delivery: Andy Becker
Tree Decor Sales: Sandy O’Neil

Special Staff

Volunteers: vacant
Event Decor: Suzanne McCormick
Finance: Shyla Heydorn
Catering: Loraine Gallagher
Mary Bridge Brigade Liaison: Dianne Hargreaves
Mary Bridge Brigade Gift Shop: Linda Armstrong
Marketing: Nadine Kohler
General Banking: Pali Lipoma, Jenn Mykland, Ann Zimmerman
Logo Wear: Sandy O’Neil
Risk Management: Patty Ferguson

MultiCare Foundations Staff

Mary Bridge Children's Foundation Executive Director : Kristin Barsness
Festival of Trees Event Manager: Shawn Harris
Event Coordinator: Jessica Mason