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Tree Designer: Amy McGlinchy

What inspired you to design for Mary Bridge’s Festival of Trees?

I work for Mary Bridge and LOVE what we do!  I am a nurse for Mary Bridge Pediatric Urgent Care in Gig Harbor and see every day what a difference Mary Bridge makes!

How long have you been involved with the Festival of Trees?

Eight years being involved with Festival and fifteen years with Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

Do you have a favorite theme and/or genre? Or a favorite story to share?

LEGO!  I have a LEGO display at my work.  I see the wonder and excitement in the kiddo's eyes.  LEGO's bring joy to all ages and is a way to connect with patients (kids) and their families.

What is your theme and inspiration for this year’s tree?

LEGO SeaHawks!​​


Donate today to this amazing tree!

Make sure to note in the "Comment" section this donation is for Amy McGlinchy.  If you would like to make an in-kind donation to this tree please contact the Festival office at (253) 403-1387. 

Photograph is courtesy Kristin Zwiers Photography from of their 2016 Festival tree "LEGO Superheroes"​