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MultiCare has decided to cancel all in-person fundraising events for the remainder of 2020 to ensure the safety of our community.

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Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the 2020 Festival of Trees,

Lauren and I are thrilled to be joining you as this year’s Event Co-Chairs. Our Festival experience has been one for the books! For over 20 years we’ve been Tree Designers and from 2005 to2010 we also managed the Mary Bridge Brigade Gift Shop.

This year’s theme is “It’s A Wonderful Life” because Mary Bridge Children’s helps make life better for children and their families.  Your effort as volunteers is essential in raising funds for Mary Bridge Children’s, ensuring that that they continue to provide high-quality, compassionate care for children throughout our communities.

We’ve had the pleasure and honor to be following in the footsteps of many chairs who have held this role and who, with the dedication of community volunteers, have raised over $36.9 million for Mary Bridge Children’s.  This has helped to provide countless families with care and support for the past 34 years.

Thank you to those who are new to Festival and to those who’ve supported Mary Bridge Children’s for years. Please know you have our support and gratitude for opening your hearts and dedicating your time.

Festively Yours,

Richardson, Charlene

Charlene Richardson Signature REV

Boulanger, Laura