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Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the 2019 Festival of Trees,

I am so excited to be joining you as this year’s Event Chair.  Over the past four years I’ve helped Make a Joyful Noise, I’ve been Wrapped in Hope, I’ve Believed in Miracles and this past year, I lent a hand to ensure that All is Calm and All is Bright.  This year I ask you to Just Imagine.  Just imagine what we can do to add to this legacy.  Our imaginations have no limit, just like there’s no limit to what we, as stewards of Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, can accomplish together. 

I have the distinct honor of following in the footsteps of many amazing women who’ve held this role and who, with the help of incredible community volunteers, have raised over $33 million for Mary Bridge.  This has helped provide countless families who find themselves at the doors of Mary Bridge with the care and support they need.

Throughout the past 33 years, thousands of volunteers have spent countless hours ensuring that Mary Bridge continues to provide high-quality, compassionate care for the children in their community. I know that this year will be no different.

To those of you who are new to Festival and to those who’ve supported Mary Bridge for years, thank you.  Just Imagine what we can accomplish this year! Please know that you have my support and gratitude for opening your hearts and dedicating your time. 

Katie Meier - Black and WhiteSincerely,