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Peace on Middle Earth

Tree Designers: Dr. David Brunelle & Dr. Jennifer Kett


"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

-The Fellowship of the Ring

What inspired you to design for Mary Bridge’s Festival of Trees?

Our Complex Care Support Team is devoted to Mary Bridge and the children we serve.  Our clinical work puts us in touch with other providers, medical staff, care team members, families, and patients.  But we miss many opportunities to get to know our boosters and community champions.  And they seldom get to know us.  The Mary Bridge Children’s Network would not exist today without both teams providing their support.  We want to make stronger connections by joining the designers.

How long have you been involved with the Festival of Trees?

This will be Dr. Brunelle’s fifth tree design for the Festival and Dr. Kett’s first, but we’ve been involved with the Festival in other capacities for as long as we’ve worked here.  We’ve attended the Gala, Jingle Bell Jam, Employee Night, the Bridge Builders Luncheon, served as Tree Hosts, volunteered as grunts for other designers, and promoted the Festival through fundraising efforts.  It’s impossible to be a part of the Mary Bridge family and not get drawn into the magic of this endeavor.

Do you have a favorite theme and/or genre? Or a favorite story to share?

We like to be surprised by new and creative design concepts.  We are especially drawn to outdoor themes that feature the natural world and the glories of the Pacific Northwest, and we are both avid readers so a literary theme is right up our alley.

Favorite stories?  Not necessarily.  But we will never again make a 50-square-foot Yellow Brick Road by basket weaving graduated ribbon by hand.  Sometimes beauty just isn’t worth the effort.

What is your theme and inspiration for this year’s tree?

We are using The Lord of the Rings stories created by J. R. R. Tolkien as inspiration for our theme, “Peace On Middle Earth”.

What packages are you planning to include with your tree? 

We have several items to place under and with the tree, including nights in a recreated Hobbit House near Chelan, Washington. 


Donate today to this amazing tree!

Make sure to note in the comment section this donation is for Dr. Brunelle & Dr. Kett.  If you would like to make an in-kind donation to this tree please contact the Festival office at (253) 403-1387 and we will help to connect you!