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Snow Much Fun

Tree Designers: Grace Boseley and Madison Allen

C Boseley

What inspired you to design for Mary Bridge's Festival of Trees?

Grace's father is currently employed at Mary Bridge as a pediatric ENT doctor, and her mother has been involved in the Festival of Trees for five years. The event is a great opportunity to raise money for Mary Bridge and help many sick children. ​

How long have you been involved with the Festival of Trees?

We designed a comic book tree last year, and Grace helped decorate the raffle tree two years ago. ​

What is your theme and inspiration for this year's tree?

This year we are doing the very opposite of our comic book tree from 2016 and doing a very snowy, rustic forest with many cute animal friends.​

What packages are you planning to include with your tree? 

We plan on adding an old-fashioned wooden sled and possible zoo light and northwest trek tickets.​

Are you currently looking for any in-kind donations?

Anything for playing in the snow: Ice skates, a wooden sled, snowball maker, etc. Also tickets to the zoo! Please feel free to reach out to the designers directly

Grace Boseley: PH: 253-514-7422 or e-mail [email protected]

Madison Allen: PH: 360-674-6201 or e-mail  [email protected]

Chelsea Boseley: PH: 253-970-8695 or e-mail  [email protected]

C Boseley treeDonate today to this amazing tree!

Make sure to note in the comment section this donation Grace Boseley or Madison Allen.

Photograph courtesy of Kristin Zwiers from of the 2016 Festival of Trees.