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Each Festival season, we cannot imagine how the trees could get any more beautiful and creative. And, each year we are blown away by the talent of our community. We are thankful to our Tree Designers for their dedication, commitment, creativity and the passion they share to support Mary Bridge Children's.

Here is a sneak peek at our upcoming themes and designers:

A Child is Born (NICU inspired)

Designed By: Sheldon Arkin and Pam Brown

Upside Down World

Designed By: Debi Schmid and the Chambers Creek Guild

Good Grief Charlin Brown! It's Christmas!!

Designed By: Mary Bridge Children’s Facility Dog Teams led by Kristen Bishop, Jody Hawthorne, and Amy Scanlon

It’s a Christmas Thing (Dr. Seuss inspired)

Designed By: Terese Tveten-High, Carie Bourgaize and Cindy Lovelace

Lewis & Clark (Pacific Northwest-inspired)

Designed By: Mike and Margaret Ferrell

Gnome Alone

Designed By: Care Bourgaize, Terese Tveten-High and Cindy Lovelace

“It’s a Wonder-full Night” Aurora Borealis

Designed By: Laura George and Sarah Howard 

A Very Hoppy Christmas “Oktoberfest”

Designed By: Mary Bridge Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit team led by Bridget Upshaw

At Home for the Holidays

Designed By: Tammy Hall and the Dr. Rich Guild

Coastal Cottage Christmas (Nature themed)

Designed By: Tara Waits, Sheila Jensen, and Dawn Fast

All About Romance

Designed By: Jana Dinham and the Karshner Guild

Vintage Train & Travel

Designed By: Mary Bridge Children’s Child Abuse Intervention Department led by Elizabeth Woods, Sue Smerer, and Deshunda Mitchell

Christmas Market (European inspired)

Designed By: Parker, Smith and Feek led by Angela Kern

Some People are Worth Melting For (Frozen)

Designed By: Rene and Charles Warren

All Aboard the Christmas Train!

Designed By: Dee Lyle and Roy Royster

Tennessee Christmas

Designed By:  Tammy Hall

How will the tree auction look in a virtual format?

• Reservations are $50 per link. This will give you access to the virtual Gala and concert to follow. You can view it the evening of as an individual, couple or house party. There is no limit, but you must register to bid.

• Bidding for this year’s trees will begin online starting Monday, December 1.

• We will be closing out all items during our virtual Gala on Saturday, December 5.

• Trees will be delivered the following day, Sunday, December 6, between the hours of 8am and 7pm.*

* Please note that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, designers and movers will not be resetting the trees in buyer’s homes. Designers will be available via Zoom or any other video conferencing system that works best for both parties to help walk through the set-up process if needed.