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The Velveteen Rabbit

Tree Designers: Sherrie Swanson

What inspired you to design for Mary Bridge’s Festival of Trees?

The magic of miracles that come from delighting others with Christmas joy.

How long have you been involved with the Festival of Trees?

This is my 2nd year as a designer.

Do you have a favorite theme and genre? 

The tree!  It's always about a gorgeous, wonderfully decked-out, lit-up tree full of lights and bright ornaments.

What is your theme for this year’s tree?

"The Velveteen Rabbit" A traditional Christmas tree woodsy decor and sparkling lights combined with amazing toys including a custom built table for eight including benches and chairs.

What packages are you planning to include with your tree? 

We have zoo tickets for both Point Defiance, Woodland Park, and Oregon along with train tickets with dinner, hotel stay, toys, games and so much more!

Sherrie Swanson - 2016

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Photograph courtesy of Kristin Zwiers from of the 2016 Festival of Trees.