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Answers to Your Financial Assistance Questions

If I have health insurance, can I still apply for Financial Assistance?
Yes, we accept financial assistance applications from any patient who has an account balance with us related to medically necessary services.

Why do I have to reapply for Financial Assistance every 180 days?
Income, employment and family situations can change. We want to ensure that we provide the correct level of financial assistance to those who need it.

The application asks me to list my family members. Can I include my full-time student child who I no longer claim on my income tax return?
You can include all family members who live in your home, so if your child who is a full-time student still lives with you, you may list them. Please remember to also include their income information.

Will this cover my bill for services outside of MultiCare?
No. Financial assistance through MultiCare is only available for patients seen at one of our hospitals or doctor's offices.

I was approved for financial assistance but only for my most recent dates of service were adjusted. Why?
Accounts that have a first statement date 241 days or older and are above 300% of the FPL will not be included in financial assistance approval/determination in compliance with 501(r)(6) IRC.

How do I submit the financial assistance form?

You can submit completed financial assistance application forms using ONE of the following methods:

  • Mail to:
    PO BOX 5299
    Mail Stop: 1002-1-PFN
    Tacoma, WA 98415-0299
  • Fax to:
  • Take a printed copy of your completed Financial Assistance Application to any of our main hospitals or medical centers' Admitting Desk, where a navigator will help you file it.