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Financial Assistance

We Can Help You Pay for Your Care

At MultiCare, we are committed to serving all patients, including those who lack health insurance coverage, or who cannot pay for all or part of the essential care they receive.

We are here to provide compassionate support and assistance navigating through the process of eligibility and enrollment. We are here to provide a service to each patient to make their health care journey one step easier.

Call us at 1-833-936-0515 to find out what financial options are available.

Apply for Financial Aid Today

Our Financial Assistance Application and Proof of Income instruction sheet are available to download in several languages. Visit our Financial Assistance Forms page to download the forms you need in your target language.

Let Us Help You

We have several financial assistance programs available, including structured payment plans and income-based payment reductions. We use the Federal Poverty Guidelines to help determine what financial assistance level you may be eligible for:

  • Income up to 300 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines
    If a patient's income level* is at or below 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, we will reduce the patient's bill by 100 percent.
  • Income 301-500 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines
    If a patient's income level* is between 301 and 500 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, we will reduce the patient's bill. The exact reduction will depend on the patient's income and assets.

You can also download our Financial Assistance Eligibility Grid to review current poverty level income information and MultiCare's income-based discounts.

Financial Assistance Policy

MultiCare’s hospital-based financial assistance policy applies to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, Allenmore Hospital, Auburn Medical Center, Covington Medical Center, Deaconess Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Navos, Tacoma General Hospital and Valley Hospital. 

Hospital-based financial assistance policy (English) — This policy is also available pre-translated into Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Clinic-based financial assistance policy (English)

Learn more about MultiCare Capital Medical Center's financial assistance policies.

Learn more about Wellfound’s financial assistance policies.  

Plain-language Summary

A plain-language summary of our Financial Assistance policy is also available.

The PDF Plain Language Summary is available in English, as well as other languages commonly used in our community. Please see the Financial Assistance at MultiCare section of the MultiCare Patient Guide for Русский - RussianEspañol - Spanish or Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese.

Providers Participating in MultiCare's Financial Assistance Program

For eligible services under MultiCare's Financial Assistance policies, the providers on the following list participate in MultiCare's financial assistance program, unless their services were provided at an Urgent Care, Indigo or Immediate Clinic location:

MultiCare providers accepting financial assistance

MultiCare’s Financial Assistance program is not available for patients who receive services from the following providers at an Urgent Care, Indigo or Immediate Clinic location:

MultiCare urgent care providers not accepting financial assistance

Note that as of March 1, 2018, care provided at the following MultiCare locations are no longer covered under MultiCare's financial assistance program:

  • MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care
  • Rockwood Clinic Urgent Care Clinics
  • Convenience Care by WoodCreek

Please review our complete financial assistance policies for a full list of services that are not covered under our financial assistance program.

* Eligibility for financial assistance is based, among other factors, upon family income and number of family members in the household. To determine your eligibility, MultiCare must complete an official review. In order to receive financial assistance, you must provide all the information we need to verify your financial status.