COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available at multiple MultiCare locations. Visit our vaccine page for information on how to schedule an appointment.

Valley Family Birth Center

We’re expecting you. Nine months of waiting have led to this day — delivery day. MultiCare Valley Hospital is happy to spend this singular moment with moms-to-be in our birthing center. We are dedicated to making your birth experience personal, comfortable and safe.

We have designed our birthing facilities to meet the individual needs of you and your family. When you have your baby here, you’ll enjoy several comforts:

  • Labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum (LDRP) model of care so mom and baby can remain in the same room throughout their stay
  • Spacious, recently renovated suites with several amenities, such as a refrigerator, a television, table and chairs, free Wi-Fi, tubs and spa-like showers with pulsating showerheads, a sink specifically designed for bathing your little one and sleeping accommodations for a guest
  • A special nursery for infants with complex medical needs
  • Support for all types of birth plans, from natural to planned C-sections
  • Room service-style delivered meals, with a wide variety of menu choices and complimentary meals for you and your guest after delivery
  • A waiting room exclusively for families of obstetric patients

The delivery experience at Valley Hospital

We believe every birth is a special one, and we go the extra mile to help make your delivery a positive experience. You can expect to receive several benefits when you choose to have your baby at Valley Hospital:

  • Skilled and experienced staff: We take pride in helping you bring your bundle of joy into the world.
  • The guidebook titled “A New Beginning”: Enjoy this complete guide to postpartum self-care and baby care.
  • Birthing classes: We have a number of birthing classes available. Learn more about our childbirth classes on our event calendar.
  • Access to certified lactation consultants: We have registered nurses available to assist with your lactation needs.

We are strongly committed to providing a family-oriented atmosphere in our birthing center, and we encourage your family members to be present throughout the birthing process. Our visiting hours are very flexible for the convenience of family and friends.