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About Puyallup

About Puyallup

Puyallup covers an area of approximately 11 square miles and has a population of 41,570 (2019). Puyallup is known as The Land of Daffodils, and was incorporated on August 19, 1890 by well-known pioneer Ezra Meeker.

The name Puyallup comes from the local Puyallup Indians and means The Land of Generous People. Puyallup is also the home of the Western Washington Fair, which has been held each fall since 1900. The fair is ranked the sixth largest in the country, with over one million visitors attending each year.

Agriculture has been an economic mainstay of the Puyallup Valley for more than 100 years. From the first Saturday in May through the first Saturday in September, farm-fresh items are sold directly to the public at the Puyallup Main Street Farmers Market. Puyallup is also noted for its production of daffodils, and the annual Daffodil Parade and Festival is an acclaimed event.

The last decade of the 20th century saw rapid growth in the community’s residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The excitement, energy and conveniences of modern development have occurred while Puyallup has maintained the best aspects of its rural heritage and quality of life.

For more information regarding Puyallup and the surrounding areas, please visit the Puyallup Chamber of Commerce website.

Puyallup Activities

Despite the rumors about the weather in the Evergreen State, we actually experience four seasons of weather.

After a rainy spring, hikers and bikers take to the hills while boaters and kayakers take to the lakes or Puget Sound, all of which are right next door. The Tulip Festival in the late spring transitions us to summertime, with temperatures ranging anywhere from the 70’s to 90’s. It is a mild summer, but with the very slight humidity of the West Coast it is perfect weather for being outdoors. Our green and very bright summer gives way to the oranges and yellows of fall. The Washington State Fair in Puyallup is an annual indicator of this change of seasons.

We experience higher rain in the late fall. Our average annual rainfall is about 42 inches of rain, just 3 inches over the national annual average. The typically wet winter does include variations of ice and snow, however brief, during the coldest of the winter months. Annual snowfall in Puyallup is only about 3 inches. While this certainly is an exciting time here in the foothills, if you want more snow it is less than an hour drive to higher elevations and snow recreation!