COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available at multiple MultiCare locations. Visit our vaccine page for information on how to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Education services FAQs

How do I register for a class?

MultiCare employees can self-register for most courses online through the Learning Management System (LMS), accessible via Point MultiCare or through the Cornerstone App on their phone. Employees may also contact the Education Services at [email protected] or 253-403-1280 to register for courses.

How will I know if I am registered for a class?

Employees will receive an automated email confirmation from the LMS upon registration. Employees can also visit the Learner Home page in the LMS to view currently assigned classes and modules.

How do I find course dates and times?

Employees can find course dates, times and locations in the Learning Management System (LMS) by clicking on title of the education to view their class details. Travelers and agency staff can email Education Services at [email protected] for assistance with registering.

I am registered for a virtual class. How do I attend?

Virtual classes are live, instructor-led classes that are taught virtually over Webex. Instructors will email the Webex link(s) to you at your Multicare email address along with class details for how to attend.

Do I need supervisor approval to attend educational programs?

Supervisor approval is required to attend all programs during scheduled work time. Paid education time is at the discretion of your supervisor.

Who do I call if I have a question about a program?

The Education Services is your resource for questions about employee education. Contact the Education Services at [email protected] for assistance and questions about programs.

How do I cancel a class I am registered for?

Cancellation windows vary from class to class. To cancel enrollment in a class, please locate the class in the Learning Management System (LMS) on the Learner Home page under Continue Learning. Click on the class, then select View Training Details and choose Withdraw. You will be required to enter a reason for the cancellation, then click Submit. Contact Education Services is assistance with cancelling a class is needed.

What if I am late for my class?

Your seat is held for 10 minutes after the posted start time. If you are more that 10 minutes late, you may be required to reschedule your class.

How can I receive a list of classes (transcript) that I have attended through MultiCare?

If you are a current employee you can print a copy of your transcript directly from the LMS on the Learning Home page by selecting View under the Transcript section. Non-employees with training history at MultiCare can contact [email protected]  or call 253-403-1280.