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Fresh Bucks & Fresh Bucks Plus

Extra Buying Power for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Fresh Bucks

The Washington’s Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentives (FINI) Project works to improve the nutrition status of low-income households that are participating in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — formerly known as "food stamps." Their Fresh Bucks program provides cash incentives at the point of purchase in farmers markets and grocery stores to encourage SNAP participants to buy more fruits and vegetables.

As an incentive, the markets will match, dollar for dollar, with Fresh Bucks to spend on produce as well, doubling spending power. Thanks to a collaborative effort between MultiCare, Tacoma Farmer’s Market, Proctor Farmers Market, the Washington State Department of Health — as well as a US Department of Agriculture grant — Fresh Bucks provides SNAP shoppers with extra buying power at all seven Tacoma farmers markets.

Why Fresh Bucks? 

Fresh Bucks supports access to healthy foods by promoting healthy choices and reducing food insecurity. More reasons the Fresh Bucks program makes sense include:

  • Giving SNAP shoppers a bonus for using their benefits promotes shopping at farmers markets.
  • Fresh Bucks can only be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, with dollars going directly to local farmers.
  • Consuming the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Reducing the risk of disease decreases health care costs, increases productivity, and gives youth a healthy start!
  • These positive outcomes bring more SNAP users to the markets, generating business in the local community. The USDA estimates that every dollar of SNAP food stamp benefits results in $1.79 in economic stimulus.

How it Works

  1. Go: To your participating farmers market information tent.
  2. Swipe: Your EBT card for fresh bucks.
  3. Double: Your EBT dollars. Receive a one-to-one match in Fresh Bucks that can be used for fruit and vegetable purchases.
  4. Shop: For fresh produce and more.

Where to Redeem

Fresh Bucks can be used at all Tacoma Farmers' Markets and the Proctor Farmers' Market. Find the market closest to you and ask about Fresh Bucks.

What's Allowed

Fresh Bucks may be used to purchase fresh produce, including: vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, herbs and vegetable starts. No change will be given for Fresh Bucks.

Fresh Bucks PlusFresh Bucks Plus

The intent of this program is to educate SNAP recipients in our community about the Farmer’s Market Fresh Bucks Incentive Program. Participating community organizations are asked to distribute $10 MCFB+ vouchers to clients who receive SNAP food assistance benefits (EBT).

How it Works

The intent of this program is to educate SNAP recipients in our community about the Farmer’s Market Fresh Bucks Incentive Program. Participating community organizations are asked to distribute $10 MCFB+ vouchers to clients who receive SNAP food assistance benefits (EBT).

Where to Redeem

Recipients will need to take the $10 vouchers to the farmer’s market information booths at the market to redeem for teh actual MCFB+ currency. 

What's Allowed

Just like Fresh Bucks, MultiCare Fresh Bucks Plus may be used to purchase fresh produce, including:  vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, herbs and vegetable starts. Shoppers must visit the information booth to exchange the $10 voucher for actual market currency, vendors will not accept vouchers for payment of goods. No change will be given for Fresh Bucks Plus.

Have Questions About Fresh Bucks? Contact Us

Fresh Bucks Program - Stacy Carkonen - [email protected]

Fresh Bucks Plus Program - Hope Roberts - [email protected]

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