End-of-life care

Thank you for supporting end-of-life care

The goal of end-of-life care is to help patients live as fully and comfortably as possible with dignity and respect. Many of our hospice services — from comfort therapies to family support resources — are made possible thanks to donor funding and volunteer support.

Jackie Soden was a fun-loving person who made friends wherever she went – including her oncologist’s waiting room.

“People instantly fell in love with her,” her husband, Terry, says. 

Jackie’s journey with cancer began in late 2017. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive and rare form of breast cancer – triple negative metastatic.

Later that summer, Jackie was transitioned to hospice.

“She got so weak that we had to call 911,” Terry says. “They stabilized her at MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital and it was all about hospice care at that point. MultiCare did everything they could do to make sure that Jackie passed peacefully in our home.”

Jackie and her family were incredibly thankful for the support they received at home so that they could spend the time they had left with each other. 

From the hospice nurse, Amber, who helped with day to day medical care to Vicki “the bath lady” who provided Jackie with comfort in the form of a sponge bath when she could no longer bathe herself, MultiCare Hospice allowed Jackie to pass away with dignity and comfort surrounded by loved ones.

Thank you for supporting end-of-life care

In 2019, 1,357 individuals were admitted into hospice.

Over $220,000 was donated to help programs like bereavement support and comfort therapies.

815 hospice patients received comfort therapy visits thanks to donor support.

A total of 2,585 comfort therapy visits were conducted including massage, aroma and music therapy as well as reiki.
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