Healing through volunteering

“I lost my smile — volunteering brought it back.”

After her husband passed away, Donna Morasch needed something to occupy her time. She spent her entire career as an educator, then found her second calling at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

“I love the positive attitude, caring nature and teamwork that is seen every day from every person I meet in the hospital, whether that’s a staff member, volunteer or a patient,” Donna says.

Donna keeps kids entertained and distracted during their hospital stays, and gives parents reprieve. Sometimes Donna even brings crafts projects from home and shares them with patients. “I am always up and ready to go on the days I volunteer. I love it. I never want to give it up,” she says.

Donna encourages everyone to volunteer, especially seniors. She thinks it’s important to get out of your house and into the community – it has worked wonders for her.

“Volunteering at Mary Bridge has been my salvation,” she explains. “It has given me a purpose. After every shift, I leave with my cup full." 

Thank you to our volunteers 

3,119 volunteers donated 192,554 hours of time in 2018 - a financial benefit of $4.6 million.

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