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What to Expect

Your Visit to the Cancer Genetics Clinic

Here is some information that can help you plan for your visit to our clinic:

Initial Appointments

  • Expect an hour-long appointment. Please plan additional time for parking, checking in, and getting any recommended laboratory tests.
  • The patient, adult or child, must be present for the appointment
  • You will meet with a geneticist and/or a genetic counselor
  • We will review personal and family history, review of medical records including any previous diagnoses of cancer, pathology reports, and new cancers or recurrences.
  • Our discussion will include chances of an inherited cancer predisposition, testing options, insurance authorization, possible results, and changes to current surveillance and/or treatment plan.

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments will be used to:

  • Get updates on any changes in your overall health or specific health concerns
  • Discuss new test results
  • Provide any new information about your condition
  • Discuss the implications of test results, including management and screening recommendations, as well as recommendations for other family members who may be at risk.

Contact Us

Call 253-403-1677 to reach our schedulers or any of your providers.

Contact Us

Call 253-403-6399 to reach our schedulers or any of your providers.

Referrals: Fax to 253-403-3555

MultiCare Cancer Genetics Clinic
MultiCare Regional Cancer Center
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