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Cancer Genetics Clinic

Evaluating Potential Genetic Cancer Syndromes

At MultiCare Regional Cancer Center, our complete approach to cancer care includes supporting your needs even before there is a diagnosis. Our cancer genetics services include testing and counseling to help you learn more about your risk for certain types of cancer. Together, we help you gain peace of mind about your well-being.

The Cancer Genetics Clinic at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital

We are the only cancer center in Tacoma with a dedicated cancer genetics clinic. We get to know you as a person – including your personal and family medical history – before making personalized recommendations. Find out more about what to expect.

Our team includes:

  • A doctor specializing in genetics (medical geneticist): Our expert completed additional training in genetics through a fellowship. He has a level of expertise and provides a level of care that’s uncommon in the area. We are able to accurately evaluate your risk for rare cancers. Our geneticist also helps people receive effective care for complex cancers as part of our precision medicine services.
  • Expert genetic counselors: Our counselors help you learn more about your risk for certain types of cancer and whether you may benefit from genetic testing. If you pursue testing, we explain the results and recommend steps you can take to lower your cancer risk.

Genetic Testing and Genetic Counseling Services for Cancer at MultiCare

Changes in your genes (mutations) can increase your risk for certain cancers, including breast cancer. These genes may be passed down in families through inherited cancer syndromes.

Having gene mutation(s) that put you at risk for cancer does not always mean you’ll end up with a cancer diagnosis. Even if you do not have an inherited cancer syndrome, other factors can increase your risk.

Our services help you get the answers and support you need:

  • Genetic testing uses a sample of tissue or blood to look for mutations that could lead to cancer
  • Genetic counseling includes one-on-one meetings with our genetic counselors to discuss test results and what they mean for your health. We may make recommendations to:
    • Lower your cancer risk with lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet and quitting tobacco
    • Catch the earliest signs of cancer through screening tests, such as mammography

More Information About Cancer Genetic Testing at MultiCare

A physician referral is necessary for cancer genetics services, including genetic testing.

We may recommend genetic testing based on your medical history, especially if you have:

  • First-degree relatives (mother, father, sisters, brothers or children) with cancer
  • Family members who had cancer at a young age
  • Several relatives on one side of your family with same type of cancer
  • Family members with cancers linked to inherited cancer syndromes, including ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer
  • A relative with more than one type of cancer

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