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MultiCare Genetics Services

Providing Diagnostic Evaluations and Genetic Counseling

Genetics is the study of how diseases and traits are passed on through a family and how they can affect a person’s growth and development. In rare cases, problems with our genetic makeup can lead to serious illnesses or conditions. When this happens, it is critical to have a team of doctors and health care professionals who are familiar with these rare conditions on your side.

MultiCare Genetics Services diagnoses genetic conditions in both children and adults and works closely with patients and their families to help manage genetic illnesses. Our goal is to provide the expertise, information, support and advocacy you need in a compassionate and caring environment.

How We Help

At MultiCare Genetics Services, we have a team of geneticists, genetic counselors, nurse practitioners and clinical nutritionists who are ready to help you and your family understand the genetic condition or trait.

We provide diagnostic evaluations and genetic counseling to patients and families with known or suspected inherited diseases. This may include autism, developmental delays, multiple congenital anomalies, inherited metabolic disorders, failure to thrive, seizures, birth defects and other distinctive health concerns.

Our services fall into three main areas:

  • Mary Bridge Genetics Clinic — Our main genetics clinic is located in the Mary Bridge Children’s Health Center building, but serves both children and adults. We provide diagnostic evaluation, genetic testing, genetic counseling and disease monitoring for our patients, among other services. 
  • Mary Bridge Biochemical Genetics Clinic — The Biochemical Genetics Clinic specializes in evaluating, diagnosing and treating metabolic conditions in children and adults, such as organic acid disorders, amino acid disorders, fatty acid disorders, mitochondrial disorders and lysosomal storage disorders.
  • The Cancer Genetics Clinic at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital — Serving adult patients only, the Cancer Genetics Clinic is focused on evaluating families for the possibility of an inherited genetic cancer syndrome. We also help support the work of MultiCare Cancer Center’s Personalized Medicine program.

Scheduling an appointment with any of our clinics requires a referral from your doctor.