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As of April 15, 2021, everyone in Washington age 16 and over is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Please visit our vaccine page for information on how to schedule an appointment.


Graduate Medical Education - Puget Sound

Access to Education & Training, Online Tools, Resources and Forms

The Puget Sound Graduate Medical Education office serves as a central location for on boarding, vetting, and sponsoring medical students, visiting residents, and APP students.

All trainees are expected to meet with their supervising physician or provider prior to procedures. The purpose of this is to have the trainee communicate to the supervisor their stage of training/education, their familiarity with the planned procedure, and focus areas where they would like feedback. There should also be a discussion regarding the role of the trainee in the procedure.

Visiting Residents

Orientation for Visiting Residents:

Forms & documentation to be submitted by Residency Program / Resident to [email protected]:

Tacoma General Campus Physician Parking Requirements

For All Visiting Resident Physicians
As a physician, parking will be provided for you while you are on rotation at the Tacoma MultiCare main campus.  Your vehicle must be registered with Security and have the MHS red provider parking sticker in order to obtain the access card and utilize the physician parking on the lower level of the Baker Center Parking Garage.  Please use Physician parking area only.  As a Physician requesting an access card you will be asked to provide the following information via email to the SP+ Company. 

First Register your car with TG Security Department by requesting a Physician Parking Sticker

Provide this information to SP Plus Contact Tu Sam / Fran Saldivar:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Plate Number
  • Department
  • Number on MHS Parking Registration Sticker

SP Plus Contact Information:

You may also order a parking sticker online

Students: Medical, Nurse Practitioner, Midwifery and Physician Assistants

Orientation for Students:

Forms & documentation to be submitted to [email protected]:

Schools on attestation format:

AT Still University
Gonzaga University
Pacific Northwest University
Pacific University
Seattle University

Seattle Pacific University
Washington State University
Western University
University of Washington (all programs)

Rotation Requests for Urgent Care

For rotations at MultiCare Health System Immediate Care Clinics, Indigo Clinics, and Legacy Urgent Care Clinics, please submit your request to Lori Maisch, Senior Recruiter, MHS Human Resources, [email protected].  

If you are a student, please have your school submit the request on your behalf.   In the request, the school is to include the student’s resume.  Lori Maisch will conduct an interview with the student.  Students need to be in their last six months of school and have an interest in urgent care employment with MHS upon graduation.  Schools with current affiliation agreements with MultiCare Health System Puget Sound region must already be in place.  Only rotations of six weeks or less are accepted.

Additional Resources

Letter for 30-Day Due Date Requirement

Campus Map

MultiCare OccMed Student Drug Test Referral Form

Research Requirements for Residents and Students

Should your preceptor require you to have EPIC education, please contact Diane Ness at [email protected]

For UW Medical Students and Residents rotating at Mary Bridge Pediatric Inpatient Services, department specific EPIC education will be provided, please contact Kareena Andreas at [email protected]

*All students rotating at Covington Family Practice are required to have EPIC education prior to their start date