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Interpreter Services

Providing Access to Language Services

Proporcionar acceso a servicios de idiomas

Servicio de Intérpretes

What are Interpreters?

Interpreters at MultiCare help patients and families communicate with doctors, nurses, schedulers and other staff. Interpreters are available in person, over the phone and by video. Services are free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We use trained medical interpreters and MultiCare Qualified Bilingual Staff to provide interpreter services. They have the technical knowledge to accurately interpret your comments and questions, as well as the medical information provided by your health care team. When appropriate, they will also explain any cultural concepts or needs to medical staff to improve the quality of care you receive.

Who Needs an Interpreter?

Any patient or family who wants help communicating in English may have an interpreter in their preferred language for care.

Also, your health care team may request an interpreter to help make sure:

  • They understand what you and your family say
  • They explain your condition and treatment in a way you understand
  • They answer all your questions clearly

How Do I Get an Interpreter for an Appointment at MultiCare?

To get an interpreter for an appointment:

  • When you call to schedule your appointment, tell the scheduler that you want an interpreter.

  • We will schedule an interpreter for you. You do not need to do anything else; just come to your appointment on time.

  • Your interpreter may be at your appointment in person, or they may interpret by telephone or video during the appointment.

How Can an Interpreter Meet My Needs?

An interpreter will:

  • Interpret everything that is said in the room (even side conversations)
  • Interpret exactly what is said
  • Explain any cultural concepts or needs to your health care team, if appropriate

You and your health care team will face each other and speak directly with each other. For example, say to the doctor, “I have leg pain.” Do not say to the interpreter, “Tell the doctor I have leg pain.”

An interpreter is not allowed to:

  • Read, fill out or sign forms or documents about your health care. Someone from your health care team will go over forms, if needed, and the interpreter will interpret what is said

  • Stay in the exam room to talk with you when a member of the health care team is not there. The interpreter will wait outside the room.

For medical emergencies, please call 911.

Language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you.

Call 253-403-1000 (TTY: 800-833-6384)

Línea gratis de interpretación telefónica

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