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Empathy Building

Communication Skills and Resources for Empathy Building


VitalTalk’s resources

Neuroscience of Empathy

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

Yes! Empathy can be taught. The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. 1 hour webinar

Nonviolent Communication in the Workplace 

Team building communication activities

Brené Brown on Empathy 

Activity about Equity in Healthcare

From IHI: Watch the video on this link and facilitate a discussion with the questions below.

  1. Have you ever seen a patient who was “left out” of the system? What did it teach you?
  2. How does health equity relate to one’s responsibility as a health care provider, in Dr. Reede’s view? Do you agree? Why or why not?
  3. What does Dr. Reede mean when she says, “privilege allows you to put a blinder on”? How might your perspective on health equity change depending on your social status?
  4. Why does Dr. Reede encourage people to work with others to address disparities?