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Family Support Team Packet
A Family Support Team lets your family focus on your loved one when he or she is in the hospital or in recovery. Using the guidelines outlined in this PDF and by creating a Family Support Team before your loved one enters the hospital, you will be better able to prepare for the stay away from home.

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MultiCare Center for Healthy Living
Programs provided by the Center for Healthy Living promote healthy lifestyles.


Mary Bridge Mobile Immunization Clinic
The Mary Bridge Mobile Immunization Clinic provides free immunizations to all children from birth through 18 years of age.

MultiCare Immunization Clinic at South Hill Mall
The MultiCare Health Kiosk at the South Hill Mall offers free or low-cost immunizations for adults and children on a walk-in basis.

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Clean Hands Save Lives

Speak Up - Clean Up

Learn more about preventing the spread of infections in this Hand Hygiene download.

MultiCare Virtual Care

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MultiCare Virtual Care gives you anytime access to a doctor through your computer, phone or our mobile app. Video, phone and e-visits available. It’s an affordable option for quality medical care.

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