Creative storytelling + not-for-profit community organizations = The Healthy Futures Project.

“Partnering for healing and a healthy future” is MultiCare’s mission, and it inspires us to form connections that help improve the quality of life for our communities.

Community organizations all around us are doing amazing work, from providing affordable homeownership to low-income families in need, to using art to connect people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds to better their futures.

Driving the robot

Some of these organizations are recipients of MultiCare’s Community Partnership Fund, which awards funds to nonprofit organizations working on initiatives, programs and projects that improve our community.

We’re inspired and excited by the good work happening all around us. The Healthy Futures Project was conceived to dive into these organizations, bring their stories to life and spread the word about how these organizations are making our communities better.

Imagining a healthy future isn’t so hard when you see how many dedicated individuals are putting in the time and effort to make that future happen.

Big Brothers Big Sisters - story

You can help, too. Volunteers are the lifeblood of many of these organizations. At the end of each story you’ll find a link with more information on how to volunteer for that particular organization.