Glass-blowing program for teens ‘more than just art’

From the outside, Hilltop Artists is an industrial arts program — teens carrying long metal blowpipes with molten glass on the ends, moving quickly between furnaces and workstations to create vases, floats and other pieces.

But look closer and it’s more than just an opportunity for teens to explore their creativity, says Dr. Kimberly Keith, executive director of Hilltop Artists. It’s about youth development — teaching resiliency and life skills and keeping kids in school.

“Our mission is to get youth from different and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to better futures,” Keith says. “[We’re] helping them to obtain an education first and foremost, and we do that through the hook of making glass.”

Hilltop Artists serves many at-risk teens in Pierce County, providing a safe place to build self-esteem and positive relationships with adults and peers, learn responsibility and accountability, and have opportunities for creative achievement.

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Video by Chris Ceresa & Roxanne Cooke

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