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Cardiac Health & Rehabilitation

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Tools to Manage Your Risk for Heart Disease

CardiacRehabOur Cardiac Health & Rehabilitation Program is designed to help you improve physically and to support your journey to better health after dealing with a heart attack or heart condition. Our program is more than exercising. It provides you with the necessary tools to help you manage your risks for heart disease.

Our skilled and experienced staff, including registered nurses and exercise specialists, oversee the program with input from your physician. The length of the program is dependent on your needs. An average program lasts about 12 weeks.

What is the Cardiac Health & Rehabilitation Program?

Our Cardiac Health Program is a physician-referred comprehensive approach for improving and maintaining cardiovascular health. It is designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle that can improve the health of your heart.

What Does the Program Include?

Weekly sessions include monitored exercise; relaxation and stress management techniques; nutrition education; and other classes on cardiovascular health.

  • Medically Monitored Exercise
    Exercise sessions are medically monitored and are designed to improve your physical endurance and to help you establish an appropriate exercise program.
  • Nutrition
    Through nutrition education taught by our Registered Dietitian, you will learn to follow a heart-healthy eating plan. Our staff members emphasize a realistic approach to managing weight and improving cholesterol and glucose levels.
  • Relaxation and Stress Management Techniques
    Our Health Psychologist will teach you strategies to relax and manage stress. You will learn deep breathing and focusing techniques that elicit the relaxation response, which when done regularly, decrease stress and restore a sense of control and well-being.


Cardiac rehabilitation programs are available at four convenient locations.

MultiCare Auburn Medical Center - 253-545-2559

Good Samaritan’s South Hill Clinic - 253-697-8141

MultiCare Gig Harbor Medical Park - 253-403-1058

MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital - 253-403-1058