Thank you for staying home and staying healthy (we've got this!). Join the Hope Grows Here community project using the form, below, to join our army of community helpers and healers. Here are some of the greatest service needs today:

  • Build a window garden to offer hopeful words and images. The small things make a big difference.
  • Sew homemade cloth masks for MultiCare. Learn more. 
  • Participate in Friday Flowers by leaving flowers, plants or a note of support every Friday on the front step of neighbor's home.
  • Donate blood if you are healthy and able. Donating blood is safe and saves lives. For a list of sites where you can donate blood, please visit the Red Cross.
  • Answer texts from people in crisis using active listening and collaborative problem solving with Crisis Text Line.
  • Be an online emotional support person at 7 Cups.
  • United Way of Pierce County has a list of virtual volunteer opportunities.
  • Lend your eyes to solve tasks for people who are blind or have low vision. Visit Be My Eyes.
  • Spread credible news and information about COVID-19. The MultiCare COVID-19 Resource Center can serve as your trusted guide.

Join the Hope Grows Here Community Project ‚Äč

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