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How to Check on Your Application Status

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How to Check the Status of Your Application:

On the MultiCare Career page, you can check on the status of your application by clicking on the button labeled "Login to check the status of your application" beneath the appropriate portal. We have three options:

  1. Internal Applicants for existing MultiCare employees looking for a new opportunity
  2. Provider Opportunities for Physicians, ARNPs, and PAs
  3. Nursing, management, staff and other roles

Click on "View My Account" (Internal Applicants will need to sign into Citrix and click the "Employee Job Postings" icon on the left first)

View My Account

Click "Sign In"

Sign In Application

Finally, click "View Submission Status"

View Submission Status

The Application Status screen shows your status for each position you've applied to.

Status Descriptions:

  • Cancelled: There is no longer a need to staff this position
  • Closed: There is no longer a need to staff this position
  • Considering: The position is not yet filled and you are still being considered
  • Filled: The position was filled with another candidate
  • Hired: You were hired into this position
  • Not Selected: A decision has been made that you were not among the most qualified candidates for this position
  • Resume Received: Your resume was received and is in review