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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

State-of-the-Art Hyperbaric Chambers

Wound Care Chamber Smiles

MultiCare Auburn Medical Center’s Wound Healing Center owns the newest, state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers in King and Pierce County. Inside the chamber a patient can receive hyperbaric treatment for non-emergent conditions such as:

  • Severe diabetic ulcers
  • Chronic bone infection including the chest bone, hip bones, foot or ankle bones
  • Delayed radiation effects of the bone including the lower jaw
  • Delayed radiation effects of soft tissue including the breast, bladder or intestines
  • Flaps or grafts
  • Skin ulcers due to decreased arterial flow
  • Minor crush injuries

Each treatment is closely supervised by a team of specially trained staff and Physicians who have over 9 years of experience in hyperbaric medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBOT?
HBOT is defined as breathing 100% oxygen in an enclosed system at an increased atmospheric pressure (Usually 2.0 or 2.5 ATA).

What is so special about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)?
When you are exposed to 100% oxygen for 2 hours per day your tissues get saturated with oxygen which helps summon cells of repair to the injured or diseased area which stimulates the cascade of healing. New blood vessels are formed bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area that support sustained improvement of the select conditions described above.

What does it feel like?
You will feel the air getting denser as the oxygen is compressed. You might experience some temperature changes and you may feel some pressure in your ears (like when you drive up Mount Rainier). We teach you how to clear your ears and keep you comfortable with blankets.

What can I do during the treatment?
You can watch TV, watch your favorite movie, watch a music video, talk with our staff or just rest your eyes and fall asleep.

What can I bring to my treatment?
You will be given a special gown, sheets, blanket and a pillow and a special water bottle if you like.  Nothing else may go in the chamber.


Open Monday – Friday
7:30 AM – 5 PM

For an evaluation please call: 253-545-2673.