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More Information About X-ray


This is the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging. Discovered more than a century ago, x-rays can produce diagnostic images of the human body on film or digitally on a computer screen.

X-ray imaging is the fastest and easiest way for a physician to view and assess broken bones, such as skull fractures and spine injuries. Dense tissues in the body, such as bones, block or absorb many of the x-rays and appear white on an x-ray picture.

More x-rays pass through less dense tissues, such as muscles and organs, which appear in shades of gray.

How Should I Prepare for an X-ray?
There is usually no preparation required for an x-ray. Most x-ray exams are performed on a walk-in basis at Allenmore Medical Building-C, Auburn MultiCare Health Center, MultiCare Auburn Medical Center, Covington MultiCare Clinic, MultiCare Eatonville Clinic, Kent MultiCare Clinic, MultiCare Lakewood Clinic, MultiCare Spanaway Clinic, Mary Bridge Pediatrics Specialty Clinic - Olympia, MultiCare West Tacoma Clinic, Baker Center Imaging Clinic (located across Martin Luther King Jr. Way from Tacoma General Hospital) and Mary Bridge Children's Health Center. A referral form from your health care provider is required for an x-ray exam.
What Can I Expect During an X-ray?
You will be asked to position your body and hold still so that a clear x-ray image can be obtained.

Common Types of X-ray

Abdominal X-ray
Arthrogram (Joint X-ray)
Chest X-ray
Extremity X-ray
Facial X-ray
Skull X-ray
Spinal X-ray