COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

If you are currently eligible to receive the vaccine (Phase 1A or Phase 1B, tier 1) and need to get your first dose, please call our automated vaccine line at 833-770-0530 to add yourself to the wait list for a first-dose appointment and request updates. More information


For Referring Providers and Staff

Referring a Patient to MultiCare Medical Imaging

Scheduling a Patient with MultiCare Medical Imaging

MultiCare Medical Imaging connects patients and provider through innovative and integrated technology in a caring and compassionate environment, supporting excellent clinical outcomes.

  • To refer a patient, please call our scheduling staff at 253-792-6220 or complete a referral form.
  • To review images and reports for your patients, use our Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS).
  • To request prior imaging studies from MultiCare Medical Imaging, please contact our records management department at 253-403-2302 or toll free at 877-291-2218, Fax: 253-403-1574. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Making a Referral

To easily set-up an appointment for a patient, fax a completed referral form to our scheduling department or call the MultiCare Medical Imaging scheduling team at 253-792-6220 or toll free at 866-268-7223.

Referral/Order Forms

Common Exams (x-ray, fluroscopy, ultrasound, vascular ultrasound)


Specialty Exams (nuclear medicine, MRI)

Breast Imaging and Bone Densitometry Exams (digital mammography, bone densitometry)

Please fax completed forms to our scheduling department at Fax number 253-792-6230.

The completed order form must include:

  • Written diagnosis/reason/symptom for the exam
  • Exam ordered
  • Referring provider name and signature
  • Patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Insurance information

To request prior imaging studies from MultiCare Medical Imaging, please contact our records management department at 253-403-2308 or toll free at 877-291-2218, Fax: 253-403-1574. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

View Images and Reports

Images and Reports Available Through Patient's Electronic Health Record

Images and reports are now available directly through a patient’s chart as part of MultiCare’s electronic health record, MultiCare Connect and CareConnect.

Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS)

You can securely view patient images and reports on your office or home computer through MultiCare Medical Imaging's Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). This communication tool helps referring providers, radiologists, imaging staff and patients better connect.

To set-up a PACS account, please complete onboarding process below. Once we receive your paperwork, we will create a PACS account for you, and a member of the MultiCare System Access team contact you with your log-in information. With a PACS account, you will be able to access reports and images.

The following items are required for each individual requesting PACs access:

  • National Criminal Background Check
  • WATCH Background Check - must specify in the National Criminal Background Check that a WATCH Background Check was run; otherwise, we must have this background check by law, in addition to the National Criminal Background Check
  • MHS Intake Form – please fill out completely, sign as the “User” on Pages 1 & 2, have your witness print and sign on Page 2 and have your Company Manager sign Page 3
  • MHS HIPAA Confidentiality & Standards for Business Conduct Attestation – please sign and return both pages and don’t forget your witness signature!
  • Training Checklist and Attestation* – Please visit  our resources page  and view the Standards for Business Conduct module, Annual Mandatory Education module, Fraud and Abuse module and our MHS Values, and then sign and return the form. The online modules can be found under “Other Resources.” Do not hit the “submit” button as it is disabled to our Non-Employed Staff.

We are also attaching the following Policies for your review only:

You may fax your completed documents to 253-864-4011 or you may scan & email your documents to [email protected]

Review the PACs User Guide to learn how to easily navigate PACS.

View DINW results in EPIC using this Tip Sheet.