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Indoor Air Quality

Healthy, Comfortable and Productive Indoor Environment

A building’s indoor environment is the result of a complex interaction between site, climate, building mechanical systems, contaminant sources and the building occupants. The goal of the Indoor Environmental Quality category in LEED is to provide a healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environment for building occupants. Creating and maintaining such an environment requires the successful integration of multiple design decisions and addressing such issues as adequate ventilation for occupants, off-gassing from finish materials and mechanical equipment, tobacco smoke, microbiological contamination and outside air pollutants.

The Dally Tower features a number of low-emitting materials. All interior adhesives, sealants, paint and, carpets meet the low VOC requirements for off gassing. All composite wood and agrifiber products are free of added urea-formaldehyde resins.

This hospital increases the amount of outdoor air brought into the building by a providing 100 percent outside air, far above typical industry requirements.

In high occupancy spaces, safeguards are designed into the mechanical system to monitor Co2 to allow for increased outdoor air, if required.