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Jennifer Yahne

Jennifer's Story: Why I'm Choosing Bariatric Surgery

jennifer yanne before after

Jennifer Yahne chronicled her bariatric surgery journey from the very beginning in our MultiCare Vitals blog series, "Why I'm choosing bariatric surgery." Follow along on her journey, below. 

Jennifer with Daughters

4 Myths Debunked

According to Jennifer, "At 100 pounds beyond a healthy weight, hopelessness was setting in."

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Jennifer's Family

Obesity Education

"Once I made the decision to move forward with bariatric surgery, my next step was to attend a surgical weight loss seminar."

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Jennifer with Family on Bench

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

MultiCare Health System offers these types of bariatric surgery:

  • Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
  • Sleeve gastrectomy

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Jen and Daughters

Changing Habits Before Surgery

"My first step in entering the medical weight loss program was to meet with a dietitian, Melanie, who has worked with bariatric surgery patients for many years."

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Jennifer with Family in Sculpture

Getting Uncomfortable

"The theme of a recent event was rising above discomfort. Sitting through that day, I couldn’t help but identify the parallels with that theme and my weight loss journey."

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Jen Yahne

The Final Countdown

"Time has a way of moving faster than I expect it to, and suddenly it was the day of my last visit with the dietitian."

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Jen and Family

What to Expect After Surgery

"I stayed overnight in the hospital. One goal before I went home was to get me walking, and I was up doing laps around the floor by the afternoon."

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Jen Solo

Let's Talk About Plateaus

"Each weigh-in felt like a small victory as I did the math in my head to calculate what I might weigh in a month or two or three.

One day, about three weeks after surgery, the scale stopped moving. It seemed permanently stuck at 206 pounds."

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Jennifer Yahne - Krista

How to Rebuild Your Wardrobe After Surgery

"Have you ever wanted to throw the contents of your closet away and buy an entirely new wardrobe? Well, it turns out that bariatric surgery provides such an opportunity — over and over again."

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Jen in Woods

3 Strategies for Making Exercise a Priority

"Exercise has always been a challenge for me. I was chubby and slow as a child, and I never found a sport or physical activity that I enjoyed. As an adult, I found the gym intimidating because it was full of thin people and equipment I didn’t know how to use."

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Jen and Daughter

Celebrations Along the Journey

"Today was my first flight post-surgery. I could walk forward through the aisle. I fit perfectly in the seat. I was able to buckle up with more than half a foot of extra belt available. Let me tell you, it was a very good feeling indeed."

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Jen in December 2016

How to Support Loved Ones Through Weight Loss Surgery

"When I first announced my decision to have bariatric surgery, I received a variety of responses. Although the majority of my friends and family were quite supportive, several were not."

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Jennifer - Before and after

The Journey That Changed My Life

"Seven months out from my sleeve gastrectomy surgery, I find the statistics of my weight loss startling. I have lost nearly 100 pounds, 40 percent of my body weight and I’m 2 pounds away from a BMI classified as normal."

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