2018 - Kial Wiley, MD

Kial Wiley, MD

2018 Roster - Wiley

Name: Kial Wiley, MD

Hometown: Auburn, WA

Undergrad: Evergreen State College

Medical School: University of Washington

Philosophy of Care: When practicing medicine, I try to meet each patient where they are at that moment in their life. I believe that a personalized approach to health is always going to be most effective and I'm always interested in learning about all aspects of my patient's lives so that I can learn from them how to take the best care of their health.

Why did you choose EPFM residency: I was, and continue to be, impressed by the quality of the people here. I found both the residents and attending physicians to be incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate and I knew I had to work with them and learn from them!

Medical interests: Rural medicine

Personal interests/Hobbies: Knitting, baking, and collecting more rescue pets than my husband is happy with!