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Health Care Toolkit


5 - Increase Fruits and Veggies

A Meal is a Family Affair (PDF)
Breakfast is Best (PDF)
Encourage Kids to Eat More Fruits and Veggies (PDF)
Fruits and Veggies Year-Round (PDF)
Fueling with Fruits and Veggies (PDF)
Fueling with Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt (PDF)
Go, Slow, Whoa, Foods (PDF)
Healthy Shopping on a Budget (PDF)
How to Add Fiber to Your Day (PDF)
The Fittest Food (PDF)
Understanding Food Labels (PDF)

2 - Reduce Screen Time

Active Video Games (PDF)
Promote Healthy Viewing Habits (PDF)
Step Away from the Screen (PDF)
Take Control of the TV (PDF)
TV Habits Facts and Figures (PDF)
Unplugged (PDF)

1 - Increase Physical Activity

Fun Ways to Be Physically Active (PDF)
Physical Play Everyday 2-3 Years (PDF)
Physical Play Everyday 3-4 Years (PDF)
Physical Play Everyday 4-5 Years (PDF)
Take it Outside (PDF)

0- Reduce Sugary Drinks

Calcium Counts (PDF)
Drink Your Milk Quiz (PDF)
Enlightening Facts About Juice (PDF)
For Growing Bones - Which Milk (PDF)
Have a Drink Plan (PDF)
How Much Sugar Do You Drink (PDF)
Sports and Energy Drinks (PDF)
Think Your Drink (PDF)
Water is Fuel for Your Body (PDF)
What Should Young Children Drink (PDF)

Motivational Interviewing

Ask Don't Tell (PDF)
Barriers to Utilizing MI (PDF)
BMI Workbook Intro and Book (PDF)
How to Elicit Behavior Changes Questions-Statements (PDF)
Office Visit Well Child Under 1-Minute (PDF)
Office Visit 10-Minutes (PDF)
Office Visit Well Child Under 3-Minutes (PDF)
Phrases that Help and Hinder (PDF)
Readiness Ruler w Credit (PDF)
Sample - MI Office Encounter (PDF)
Sample - Traditional Office Encounter (PDF)
What is Motivational Interviewing (PDF)
Why Use MI (PDF)
Why Use MI With Health Weight (PDF)