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Please Share Your Success Stories

If you have a great story to tell, please submit it to us. We will review it for inclusion on this website and in other Ready, Set, Go! 5210 communications.

If you have a success story to submit about Ready, Set, Go! 5210 - we want to hear about it.

Please take a few minutes to email our Community Events and Program Coordinator. Please include the following information in the body copy of your email message:

  1. Date
  2. Name
  3. Organization/School
  4. Sector: (i.e. School, After School, Early Childhood, Health Care, Workplace, Community, Other)
  5. Success Story: (limit 250 words).
  6. Be sure to also attach a photo of your success story in action!

Thanks in advance for sharing your story and the difference that you're making for our community!

5210 EveryDay

Want more information about the Ready, Set, Go! 5210 program? Just email us.