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Important flu update

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Helping Make Your Child's Stay as Comfortable as Possible

Mary Bridge Milgard Playroom

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital offers a number of amenities in order to help our patients, their families and their visitors be as comfortable as possible.

Beds and Cribs
To protect your child, we require crib sides to be raised at all times. If your child is capable of climbing out of the crib, your nurse can provide a safety top. On full-size beds, side rails are also used for your child's safety. Please let your nurse know if you plan to leave the bedside for any period of time. Side rails are used at night for children in large beds. These measures help ensure your child's safety while they are in an unfamiliar environment.

The bathroom in your child's room may be used by family members. Other public restrooms are also available on each floor. Please be considerate if your child's bathroom is shared with another patient.

Telephones can be found in each patient room. For collect, credit card or local calls outside the hospital, press “9” before dialing the number. To reach a patient's room from outside the hospital, call the information desk at 253-403-1622 or the hospital operator at 253-403-1400, and you will be transferred to the patient's room. Due to interference with medical equipment, cellular phones may not be used in hospital buildings.

A TDD/TTY is available for your use by asking for the service from your nurse. She will have the phone delivered to your child's room for your use throughout your stay with us.

Televisions are provided in each patient room. If you are sharing a room, please be considerate of others when adjusting the volume of your TV.

An ATM is located on the third floor between the cafeteria and the Atrium Gift Shop. It is associated with Columbia Bank. Debit cards may also be used for cafeteria services.

The cafeteria, Cafe Expressions, serves Tacoma General and Mary Bridge Children's hospitals, and can be found on the third floor. The cafeteria serves food seven days a week on the following schedule:

Monday -  Friday, 7am to 6:30pm
Weekends, 7am to 3:30pm

The Expressions Deli is open 6:30am to 10pm daily. It provides hot sandwiches, salads, soup, pastries, espresso and other snacks and drinks and is adjacent to the cafeteria on the third floor.

Chaplain Services
Patients and families can meet with a non-denominational hospital chaplain for counseling and spiritual support. Your own clergy is also welcome to visit at any time. If you would like a pastoral visit, please ask your nurse to contact the chaplain or call 253-403-3209. The non-denominational chapel is located on the forth floor near the surgery waiting area and is available to you 24 hours a day.

Family Resource Center
The Family Resource Center is located on the sixth floor. Adults can be close to their children and continue their business life as well. The computer can also be used by children in completing their homework during their hospitalization.

Families Staying Overnight
You are encouraged to stay overnight with your child. A chair bed is available for a parent to sleep at the bedside in all patient rooms on the medical-surgical floors. Space in your child's room will accommodate one adult at a time. Linens are provided for the chair bed. Your nurse will assist you in getting settled.

Nearby accommodations are available for families with children in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and families that are from out of town. Ask your nurse to contact a social worker, who can assist in marking these arrangements for you.

Fun for Kids
Having fun and playing is important for kids in the hospital. Child life specialists and volunteers provide activities to offer relief from the stress many children experience while in the hospital. A playroom is available on the sixth floor for patients and their families. Children must always be accompanied by an adult when in the playrooms.

Gift Shop
The Mary Bridge Gift Shop is located just inside the hospital's main entrance and is operated by the Tacoma Orthopedic Association. The Mary Bridge Gift Shop is open Monday through Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm, and Sunday noon to 7pm. Toys, candy, flowers and small personal items are available.

For your child's health and safety, some patient care areas have restrictions on flowers and gifts. For example, because of severe reactions to latex allergies, plastic or rubber balloons cannot be allowed in the hospital. Balloons made of foil-like material, such as mylar, are acceptable and can be purchased at the Mary Bridge Gift Shop or Tacoma General Gift Shop.

Information Desk
Staff and volunteers are located at the Information Desk, just inside the main entrance on the third floor. They are available to help locate patients, staff, and departments. Information about buses, taxis, and other transportation also is available here.

Your child will enjoy receiving mail while staying in the hospital. Mail addressed to your child should include his/her full name and room number. Mail that arrives after your child leaves the hospital will be forwarded to your home.

Valet parking is available for $3.00 at the main hospital entrance and at the Philip Pavilion entrance on S. 5th Street.

Additional parking for patients and visitors is available in the Baker Center Garage across from the hospital on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. This is validated parking free of charge for the first two hours. Your ticket can be validated at the main information desk.

Free parking with no time limit is available in the Fifth Street Garage, also located off Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

If your vehicle is over six feet eleven inches high, contact Security Dispatch Center at 403-1013 for access to another lot that will accommodate you. RV parking is also available. Please call ahead to our Security Reception at 403-1182 to make arrangements. Please be sure to lock your car. If for some reason you need assistance with your vehicle, please call the Security Dispatch center at 403-1013.

We are proud that Mary Bridge Children's Hospital is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the hospital and on hospital grounds for the protection of our patients and staff.

Toys and Other Personal Items
Your child's toys, games, stuffed animals and other personal items are welcome. Please label all toys, video games or movies with your child's name. Please keep in mind the hospital cannot assume any responsibility for any item you bring into the hospital.

Family Support Team Packet

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A Family Support Team lets your family focus on your child when he or she is in the hospital.

Download the Family Support Team Packet