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Important flu update

Flu cases are at an all-time high in our region. Please read our important message about where to seek care for the flu. Learn More


Our Outcomes for Pediatric Heart Surgery

Since our program began, we have consistently performed above the national average for pediatric cardiac surgery outcomes. To further improve that care, we maintain an extensive clinical database for each cardiac patient.

We submit data annually to the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), and compare our outcomes with other leading national and international programs. The STS member institutions work together to benchmark and analyze performance, and improve pediatric cardiac care worldwide.

What Our Patients' Families Say

Key goals of the Mary Bridge Pediatric Heart Program are to focus on quality outcomes and service. In 2005, we developed a Patient and Family Satisfaction Survey to measure our care delivery and customer service, and help us improve our program’s service.

We distribute the survey to families with children who have had heart surgery at Mary Bridge, inquiring about their experience with our care team, services and surgical and hospital stays. Surveys are completed anonymously after a child’s post-operative visit. Families rank their responses utilizing a five-point scale — from extremely satisfied to extremely dissatisfied. Survey data is collected and evaluated to confirm statistical significance and categorize findings.

Families rate our program in areas such as skill, sensitivity, compassion and accessibility. For the purpose of our analysis and improvement efforts, we focus on the percentage of responses for each area within the top box 'extremely satisfied' category, as we seek to have this score be 100 percent. Findings over the last three years indicate:

  • 94 percent were 'extremely satisfied' with the skill and ability of the surgical team and cardiothoracic staff
  • 93 percent were 'extremely satisfied' with our compassion for them and their child, and our sensitivity to their child's needs
  • 97 percent were 'extremely satisfied' with information and education that was helpful and valuable
  • 95 percent were 'extremely satisfied' with our taking the time to listen and answer their questions
  • 95 percent of families were 'extremely satisfied' with the child-friendly environment
  • Overall, 90 percent of families were 'extremely likely' to recommend the Mary Bridge Pediatric Heart Program to others and their written comments echoed the above positive sentiments.

“Made us feel we were the only patient they had.”

“Staff really treated my child with love and care.”

“Always willing to answer questions and never rush us in any way.”

"Treated us with so much respect."

"Confidence-inspiring professionals with 'the human touch' so necessary for the field they practice in. They are exceptional."

"It was the best care for my baby."

"We love you guys."

This feedback from families is a testament to our mission and commitment to quality care. We share these survey results with program staff and physicians, discuss improvement opportunities with our team and utilize the information that our survey tool continues to provide in an effort to deliver the best care.