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MultiCare Behavioral Health Network

Epic Transition

MultiCare's family of behavioral health programs has grown. Greater Lakes, Navos, and MultiCare Behavioral Health are all now a part of a connected system of programs. As the MultiCare Behavioral Health Network (MBHN), we plan to come together in many ways; a significant opportunity to connect our network will be our transition to the Epic electronic health record.

What is Epic?

Epic is a state of the art health record system that is already used in more than 50% of the hospitals and clinics in the United States, including MultiCare Health System, Catholic Health Initiative, Swedish Providence, and several other partners in our community. Epic's tool-sets are unmatched, its interface is highly configurable, and its technical foundation is mature, tested, and more than capable. Once on Epic, our network will have unprecedented access to tools that will help make our work easier and more effective, and also help bridge information gaps with the physical health world in our client's charts (primary care, health information, etc.).

The Transition

Our health record system is the foundation for our work - it guides our schedules, constructs our caseloads, holds our notes, and bills our services. Bringing our family together onto the same system will immediately open doors for our clients and for us to start working together and sharing best practices - it will be the first step in removing barriers in doing the really exciting integration we are all wanting to start. For this reason, we will all take the leap together, and we've determined that a rolling go-live over a 1-2 month period will help get us all on board with the help and support we'll need as quickly as possible. Our team will be moving from site to site over that time to help get everyone up and running.

The Timeline

There is a great deal of work in front of us, and some of it is already underway. Because of the magnitude of the impact we're being very careful in setting our timelines and when we will be involving more people. The information services and quality teams from across the network are joining forces with MultiCare Health System's Epic team to outline what we need to do, how we want to do it, and when it will have to be done. With that in mind we intend to have the MultiCare Behavioral Health Network transitioned in full over to Epic in Quarter 4 of 2019.

What's Next

We intend to start and maintain regular communication about our progress through several channels, including updates to our website, like this. There will be conversations, building, and testing behind the scenes as we prepare, and when we get closer we will have education and training to ensure that everyone is ready for Epic.