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Facts and Myths

Menopause: Facts and Myths

Menopause occurs when menstrual periods have stopped for at least a year. It marks the end of fertility and the beginning of a new chapter in life. Many women experience the onset of natural menopause in their forties and fifties. However, health issues, medications, surgeries or medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, can prompt menopause to begin at any earlier age.

Like any significant life change, menopause can be overwhelming. Below we cut through the clutter and dispel some common myths. 

Myth: I don’t have symptoms so menopause must be over.  

Menopause is an ongoing process — it continues for the rest of a woman’s life.  Symptoms may come and go, depending on hormone levels and the number of years since menopause began. This means that you may experience new symptoms out of the blue or remedies you once relied on may stop working. Our menopause specialists can help you find the best ways to get relief, regardless of when symptoms appear.

Myth: If I don’t want hormone therapy, I just have to suffer through menopause.

There are many ways to effectively manage symptoms that do not involve hormone therapy. Some options include acupuncture, herbal remedies, medications and lifestyle changes, such as getting more exercise and eating a healthy diet. Our menopause specialists will work with you to form a treatment plan that fits your needs and beliefs.

Myth: Menopause means my sex life is over.

Some menopausal women experience shifts in their desire for and response to sexual activity. But the onset of menopause does not mean that you have to say goodbye to this aspect of your life. Our menopause specialists can work with you to help you relieve discomfort and maintain the level of intimacy you want.

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