Classes and Support Groups

Benefit From the Relief and Friendship These Groups Provide

MultiCare sponsors a variety of classes to help patients and family through the difficult journey of cancer and recovery. We offer empowering resources such as:

  • Physical Therapy YogaYoga and Pilates
  • Movement/dance
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Counseling services
  • Caregiver support

Invaluable Resources

Cancer support groups offer invaluable resources in dealing with the physical challenges of cancer as well as the emotional impact of the disease. Family members and caretakers can also benefit from the relief and friendship these groups provide.

A good support group welcomes each person and allows them room to take part or just listen. The leader sets a tone of acceptance, gives equal opportunity to participate, keeps focus on the group’s purpose and guards against any harmful interaction.

Groups should give the attendees a chance to be open and honest in their expression and find like-minded individuals in similar situations who can help you with their journey. If you don’t fit with the first group you try, be sure to try another.

Cancer-Related Classes and Groups