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Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Helping You Feel Your Best and Staying Healthy

At MultiCare Regional Cancer Center, our concern for your well-being doesn’t end with your final cancer treatment. Our survivorship clinic helps you make a plan for getting the ongoing services you need to continue healing. We recommend treatments, therapies and support to help you feel your best and stay healthy.

Personalized Survivorship Plans at the MultiCare Cancer Survivorship Clinic

For many people, life after cancer is different. You may not have energy for the activities you once enjoyed. You may also worry that the cancer will return. We understand your concerns and put a survivorship plan in place to prevent these problems from holding you back.

When you come to the cancer survivor clinic, you receive care from providers who specialize in developing personalized survivorship plans. Meet our cancer care team.  

Your survivorship plan may include recommendations for:

  • Cancer testing to keep an eye out for cancer that comes back as well as screen for new cancers
  • Therapies (cancer rehabilitation) to address complications of cancer treatment, such as speech therapy if you are having trouble swallowing
  • Lifestyle changes, such as more physical activity so you can get your energy back
  • Immunizations to protect you against conditions which survivors are at higher risk for, including the flu
  • Support services to help you manage emotions you may be experiencing or address challenges you are facing
  • Imaging tests and treatments from our cardio-oncology specialist for heart problems some survivors experience during and after cancer treatment
  • Follow-up visits to the survivor clinic so we can adjust your plan as needed

Visiting the MultiCare Cancer Survivor Clinic: What to Expect

Our cancer survivor clinic helps you stay healthy and overcome challenges that many survivors face. We make it easy to get started. Toward the end of your cancer treatment, one of our nurse navigators arranges your visit.

We start by learning more about you as a person and answering any questions you may have. We then gather information to develop your survivorship plan.

This information comes from:

  • Reviewing your medical history to learn more about the type of cancer you had and treatments you received
  • Performing a physical exam to determine how cancer treatment is affecting your ability to eat, sleep and manage daily activities
  • Running tests, such as blood tests, to check for signs of complications including nutrition problems
  • Asking questions about your mood and emotions to see whether you might benefit from our cancer support services

Contact Us

For more information or to request an appointment, please call us at 253-403-6399 or complete our appointment request form.