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Cancer Care Services

We Help You Live Your Best Life After Treatment


At MultiCare Regional Cancer Center, our whole-person approach includes a genuine interest in your well-being. Throughout your cancer care journey, we recommend additional services to help you stay comfortable and get the most out of treatment.

Support Throughout Your Cancer Care Journey

Our nurse navigators are a trusted source of information and assistance throughout your treatment. We help you make important decisions about your care and manage all of the details, such as coordinating with other specialists. Read more about our nurse navigators.

We offer a helping hand and a caring ear any time you need it. Our team includes a cancer psychologist you can talk to if you are experiencing anxiety or depression. The psychologist can also help you find ways to manage cancer-related symptoms including pain and difficulty sleeping. Dedicated social workers help you solve problems related to your care, such as questions about medical bills. Find out more about cancer support services.

Services to Help You Get the Most Out of Cancer Treatment

At MultiCare, you receive the best available treatments tailored to meet your unique needs. We also offer additional services that help your care plan stay on track.  

Our cancer care services include:

  • Integrative therapies: We offer non-traditional treatments, such as massage and acupuncture to help you get relief from cancer symptoms and the side effects of treatment. Read more about integrative therapies for cancer.
  • Care from additional specialists: Our team includes cancer pharmacists who ensure the safety of your chemotherapy treatments by double-checking each dose. You also have access to a primary care physician who manages other medical conditions you may have, such as diabetes, during cancer treatment. Meet our cancer care team.
  • Cancer rehabilitation: Our services help you adapt to physical changes you may be experiencing, such as difficulty swallowing, as a result of cancer treatment. Learn more about cancer rehabilitation.
  • Cancer genetics: For some cancers, testing for genetic changes in your cells (genetic abnormalities) helps you receive care that’s more likely to be successful. We often run genetic testing for breast cancer and lung cancer. Read more about our cancer genetics clinic.

Ongoing Care After Completing Cancer Treatment

We help you live your best life after completing cancer treatment with a personalized survivorship plan. Your survivorship plan may include services to help you stay healthy and make a smooth transition back to daily activities. Find out more about our survivorship clinic.

Contact Us

For more information or to request an appointment, please call us at 253-403-6399 or complete our appointment request form.