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Tumor Boards

Cancer Experts Coming Together for You

When you come to MultiCare Regional Cancer Center, you have access to many of the latest cancer treatments, including new surgical techniques and chemotherapy (anti-cancer) drugs. The care that’s best for you includes the treatments that meet your unique needs. And our tumor boards make it happen.

Tumor Boards at MultiCare Regional Cancer Center

Tumor boards are meetings in which cancer experts from different specialties come together to coordinate care for individual patients. This multidisciplinary model helps patients receive coordinated care based on recommendations from as many as 15 doctors. Meet our cancer care team.

Tumor boards usually include radiation oncologists, surgeons and medical oncologists, as well as:

  • Genetic counselors
  • Nurse navigators
  • Oncology psychologist
  • Palliative care experts
  • Pharmacists
  • Registered dietitians
  • Social workers

How Tumor Boards Help You Receive Exceptional Care

Tumor boards at MultiCare meet on a regular basis, allowing us to maintain ongoing discussions about patient care. These frequent touch points enable us to coordinate care and services to meet our patients’ changing needs.

Tumor board meetings may occur:

Shortly after diagnosis

We discuss test results to confirm the type of cancer and how serious it is. This information helps us determine the most appropriate treatments and the order in which to deliver them. Find out more about cancer treatments.

We may also recommend additional services, such as genetic testing, to learn what other cancer risks a patient may carry and determine how that might impact care choices. Find out more about our cancer genetics clinic.

Before you start treatment

Tumor boards develop recommendations based on the expertise of multiple cancer specialists as well as cancer research findings.

Decisions about which treatments you receive ultimately rest with you. But you are not alone. Our care team, which includes nurse navigators, explains your options and what to expect so you can make decisions you feel good about. Read more about nurse navigators.

One of the decisions you may make is whether you wish to participate in a clinical trial. Our research coordinators participate in tumor board meetings and let the team know early on whether you are eligible. Find out more about cancer research and clinical trials.

During treatment

During tumor board meetings, we consider all of your needs, including your emotional state and practical problems, such as transportation. We may recommend cancer support services to address issues that could get in the way of your cancer care.

You can relax knowing our team stays connected outside of tumor board meetings. We frequently use the secure messaging feature of MultiCare’s electronic health record to discuss daily changes in your care with other members of your care team or with you. We may also pick up the phone or meet in person if there is an urgent problem, such as unexpected side effects.

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