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August 21, 2020
MultiCare Foundation addresses security incident on Blackbaud fundraising platform

MultiCare announced today that it has begun the process to notify about 300,000 affected donors and patients by email or first-class mail due to a security incident experienced by a MultiCare Foundations’ vendor. 

On July 16, MultiCare was informed of a worldwide data security incident experienced by Blackbaud Inc. — an engagement and fundraising platform utilized by MultiCare Foundations. The incident affected more than 25,000 nonprofit organizations worldwide. It is important to know that Blackbaud has advised MultiCare that the cybercriminals who attacked Blackbaud did not have access to credit card information, bank account information or social security numbers at any time. 

However, the impacted data contains selected information about some of MultiCare’s donors, potential donors, patients and former patients who we believe may want to support our health care mission and others in the community with whom we have relationships. For 126,092 donors, only name, address, telephone number and email address were involved. For 176,677 patients, the personal information involved included demographics, date and department of service, and provider name. For some guarantors, the date of birth, address and date of service may have been included as well. Minor names were not involved.

MultiCare has always held protecting the security and confidentiality of private information as a top priority and deeply regrets that this breach has occurred on its vendor’s platform. 

For full details on the incident, as well as MultiCare’s response, please visit our Blackbaud Event page.

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