Employee Q&A

Affiliation Information for Navos Employees

Q: Why is Navos becoming an affiliate of MultiCare?

A: Navos CEO David Johnson, with the Navos Board of Directors, had been seeking partnerships that would help Navos to fully integrate healthcare as required by 2020. Our affiliation with MultiCare Health Systems is a significant win for people in our region affected by behavioral health conditions and substance use disorders. After several discussions with other organizations, Navos found an ideal fit with MultiCare. We have a shared dedication to holistic, compassionate behavioral healthcare and the two organizations have values and approaches which align well.

By affiliating with MultiCare, we will strengthen the continuum of care, ranging from hospital-based psychiatric care for youth and adults through the full spectrum of community-based behavioral health services for people of all ages. Our combined services will cover a greater geographic region and encompass all the innovative behavioral health offerings that can be found throughout the nation.

Q: Why MultiCare — were other organizations considered?

A: While we have engaged with several organizations that are enthused about our work, we are proud to affiliate with MultiCare, which, like Navos, has shown great integrity and mission-focused service delivery for decades. Together, the strength of our expanded network will increase access to care in traditional hospital settings and in less traditional environments, allowing us to reach more individuals where they need us. We look forward to having access to a greater pool of specialists and expanded services.

Q: Is this an acquisition by MultiCare?

A. No. Navos is are entering into an affiliation with MultiCare to improve access to behavioral health services in the region. Navos will continue to operate as a separate legal entity.

Q: MultiCare is building a joint psychiatric hospital with CHI Franciscan. How is this affiliation going to impact those plans?

A: MultiCare is continually looking for ways to increase access to health care in the areas it serves. Our affiliation does not impact its plans to advance hospital construction.

Q: How does the affiliation support the organizations’ business goals?

A: Together, we’ll work toward the shared purpose of creating the most comprehensive network of behavioral health services in the Pacific Northwest. The affiliation will:

  • Expand access to care over a larger geographic region (King, Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap and Thurston counties)
  • Increase our capacity to expand hospital-based and community-based services
  • Advance the shift to population health
  • Strengthen our collective ability to partner with insurers, employers and purchasers of health care services
  • Improve care coordination and the patient experience by streamlining behavioral health services and reducing duplicative care

Q: How will both parties measure success?

A: Our goal is to improve behavioral health outcomes by:

  • Promoting integration of primary care and behavioral health care
  • Advancing earlier diagnosis and treatment, driving toward greater recovery
  • Focusing on high utilizers of emergency departments and other crisis-focused services, to manage their needs without further hospitalization
  • Integrating chemical dependency treatment into the medical care setting

Q: When does the transaction close?

A: The transaction is pending regulatory review, and is set to close in March 31, 2017.

Q: Why are we finding out about the affiliation after it’s already decided?

A: Our Board and senior leaders followed a thoughtful, months-long process to arrive at this decision. For legal reasons, we have not been at liberty to discuss the agreement. We are telling you about it as soon as we could.


Q: Will there be layoffs?

A: There will not be layoffs as a result of the affiliation. The integrity of our mission remains intact and the needs of clients come first. We need for every clinical staff member to continue fulfilling their vital roles in supporting clients. We expect for the team focused on administrative functions to collaborate closely within and across operating units to help each other in the transition.

Q: Will my benefits and salary be impacted?

A: No, we don’t anticipate any changes to current employee salaries and benefits.

Q: How will this impact me and my work?

A: It’s business as usual for both MultiCare and Navos employees. A group of leaders from both organizations will continue working on the transition as we get ready to finalize this affiliation sometime in spring 2017. For the vast majority of Navos employees, there will be no impact. We ask that you continue to provide the excellent care and services for which we are known. As the transaction progresses, both MultiCare and Navos are committed to communicating with employees when there is new information to share.

Q: When will differences in day-to-day operations become noticeable?

A: In the near term, you should see little impact to your everyday work. Over time, we will work toward integrating Navos’ services into MultiCare’s behavioral health continuum.

Q: What does this mean for patient and client care?

A: Patients and clients will see little impact. They’ll continue to receive care from the same provider, in the same location(s) they visit now. 

Q: Will the name of either organization change?

A: No. Navos will retain its name and brand.

Q: Will I have to commute to Tacoma?

A: No. People will remain in their current jobs.

Q: Will our electronic health records be integrated?

A: Over time, MultiCare will be investing in updating Navos’ technology to improve our electronic health record platform. That process will ensure care coordination no matter where people seek care in our expanded network.

Company Organization

Q: Who do I work for?

A: Navos employees will remain Navos employees. The physicians and midlevel providers at Navos will not become part of the MultiCare employed physician group — MultiCare Medical Associates (MMA). We will be assessing during the transition if and how the providers will be credentialed as part of the MultiCare medical staff.

Q: How does this impact the executive leadership at Navos?

A: David Johnson, current CEO of Navos, will remain CEO of the organization. He will also become a member of MultiCare’s leadership team. Navos Senior leaders will stay in their current positions.

Q: Will Navos employees go through MultiCare’s orientation process and be required to comply with current policies, such as the policy banning smoking?

A: No. All Navos policies remain in effect. They will be evaluated over time.

Q: How will the cultures of both organizations come together?

A: Navos’ culture of diversity, equity and inclusion is highly complementary to MultiCare’s culture. Both organizations embrace person-centered care. This is particularly true in how we approach behavioral health care delivery by treating the whole person, physically and emotionally. We are wholeheartedly committed to nurturing a great culture that supports the success of this affiliation.

Q: MultiCare has been expanding into new markets recently. Will that take too much energy and too many resources from this relationship, with all the other things they’re doing?

A: Expanding into the Seattle area and other markets has long been a part of MultiCare’ s strategic growth plan, as it seeks to fulfill its mission of partnering for healing and a healthy future, and realizing its vision of becoming the Pacific Northwest’s highest value system of health.

This relationship is a natural extension of MultiCare’s work to address our region’s pressing behavioral health care needs. Steps MultiCare has already taken include opening the region’s first adolescent behavioral health facility at Mary Bridge, unveiling an inpatient psychiatric unit at Auburn Medical Center, and securing approval to build a 120-bed joint psychiatric hospital with CHI Franciscan next year. To continue that momentum, a top priority for MultiCare is strengthening access to behavioral health services outside the hospital, and in less traditional environments where people already receive medical care.

Q: Will I be eligible for career opportunities at MultiCare?

A: As we finalize the transaction, we’ll have more information about the process for transferring into a role at MultiCare, if of interest, or adding another part-time or on-call position.