COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

As of April 15, 2021, everyone in Washington age 16 and over is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Please visit our vaccine page for information on how to schedule an appointment.



Patients Are the Reason We Exist,
People Are the Reason We Excel

MultiCare is a leading-edge, integrated health organization made up of hospitals, primary and urgent care clinics, multi-specialty centers, Hospice and Home Health services, and many other services. A not-for-profit organization based in Tacoma, Washington since 1882, MultiCare has grown over the years in response to community needs. Today, we are the area's largest provider of health care services, serving patients across Washington State.

We want to attract the best and retain the best. Our generous compensation package is proof that employees enjoy benefits far beyond health insurance and paid sick and vacation leave. Benefits include everything from disability insurance to paid bereavement and jury duty to free bus passes.

We also want to create an environment that fosters compassion, conscientiousness, and quality care in our staff. That’s why we strive to match our staffing needs with our employees’ lives by offering flexible work schedules. We support no required floating outside your general service area. And, according to the Washington State Nurses Association, we offer the best incentive pay plan for extra shifts.

We support the principles of equal employment opportunity and will not discriminate with respect to race; color; religion; sex; national origin; age; sensory, mental or physical disability; marital and veteran’s status; or sexual orientation in any aspect of employment and pre-employment practices.

Educational Opportunities: Institute for Learning and Development

Curiosity…Learning…Camaraderie…all are words that remind us of how deeply satisfying and energizing it is to continuously build our talents and skills throughout our lives. MultiCare’s Institute for Learning and Development is committed to the educational needs of all our employees.

The array of opportunities is impressive and something we can be proud of. Whether you’re interested in refreshing your skills in CPR, using technology to make your work easier and faster, juggling the demands of home and work, or learning how to cope with the transitions in your life, there are courses and support available. We offer a variety of resources that help you stay on the cutting edge of clinical knowledge, health care trends and professional issues.

The Wagner Resource Center at Tacoma General Hospital is an excellent place to study clinical outcomes, track down health texts and keep up with the latest in nursing. The Center offers everything from databases and multimedia workstations to training videos, books and journals.

Continuing education classes and conferences, tuition reimbursement assistance, certification programs in specialties from critical care nursing to neurology nursing, as well as several in-house residency programs are also available.

Contact the Institute for Learning and Development:

  • Tacoma office: 253-403-3280
  • Puyallup office: 253-697-2826
  • East Main Training Center: 253-697-7091

Delivering the Ideal Patient Experience

We achieve optimal outcomes for our patients through exceptional customer service and effective use of human, technological and financial resources. Our Mission is to:

  • Compassionately provide the best possible care to each of our patients
  • Seek new approaches to improve the quality of care at the best value possible
  • Apply the highest possible standards of professional practice.

MultiCare maintains accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). This aids in maintaining standards that assure safety and quality of patient care. We comply with other regulatory bodies, including CMS, DOH, OSHA, WISHA and many others.

How we interact with our patients, providers and one another sets the tone for our patients' experience as well as our own. What we say and do matters. We strive to make each encounter memorable.

The MultiCare Difference

Each employee and physician delivering The Ideal Patient Experience is The MultiCare Difference.

Our actions better connect our patients to care that is safe, focused on superior clinical outcomes and service, and cost effective.

When we work to do what is right for our patients, we know we’ve done our best.