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12 reasons to run the Sound to Narrows 12K

Posted on Apr. 17, 2018 ( comments)

Have you signed up for the Sound to Narrows yet? Still trying to decide which race to sign up for? If you've thought about signing up for the 12K, we are here to tell you why you should.

Maybe you ran the 5K before, or maybe you're just beginning your running journey. Whoever you are, the 12K can be your race this year.

1. Avoid the FOMO

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is great motivation to try something new. Sound to Narrows is the South Sound’s favorite race, so it’s about time you find out what all the fuss is about.

2. It's for a great cause

Sound to Narrows supports the MultiCare Center for Healthy Living, which helps people in our community achieve healthier lifestyles. The Center also addresses health disparities in our communities and offers programs such as sports nutrition, weight management and tobacco cessation.

3. You want to take your running fitness to the next level

Training for a 12K is still significantly less of a commitment than training for a marathon, but it will still push you to train a little harder than you would for a 5K. Training for the 12K can lead to your fitness routine including longer average runs and more days of running a week, which can help you continue to reach new heights in your fitness journey.

4. An excuse to buy new running shoes

When you step up your training game, it's only fitting to step up your training equipment as well. You will run a lot of miles over the months leading up to the race, and a good, supportive pair of running shoes is important to avoid injuries and setbacks while training.

5. The view makes running 12 kilometers easier

Well, it doesn't technically make running any easier, but this course does provide great distractions. As the course weaves through Point Defiance Park, you get beautiful views of the natural forest, Commencement Bay and Owen Beach.

6. Stress relief

Running can provide an outlet to burn off excess stress and anxiety, and it can work as a preventive measure for managing stress. When you run on a regular schedule, it gives you a consistent outlet for relieving your stress and shutting your mind off while you run.

7. You want to burn some extra calories (even when you aren't running)

When you consistently include physical activity in your schedule, you will not only burn calories during your exercise, but you will also increase your caloric burn throughout the day. So the more miles you run, the more calories you burn — now and later.

8. Meeting fellow runners and fitness lovers

Training and running in a race can help you meet more people who are working to grow as runners every day. Finding people with similar fitness goals can help push you to keep growing your health and fitness lifestyle and make new friends along the way.

9. Free stuff

Who doesn’t want a free T-shirt? Sound to Narrows registration includes a dry-fit T-shirt. You can also purchase a variety of "Run Like The Mountain Is Out" shirts from our partnership with South Sound Proud and T-Town Apparel.

These are available for sale online and at the T-Town Apparel store front, and they will be sold on race day. 20 percent of each purchase goes directly to the MultiCare Center for Healthy Living.

10. Brunch

You can expect to burn over 500 calories, sometimes up to 700+ calories in this run (depending on your running pace and weight). When you work that hard, you deserve to treat yourself! With so many great options for brunch in Tacoma, we know you will find a great option for your post-race meal.

11. Bragging rights

This race is tough, but it's worth it. With the hilly nature of the course, you get extra bragging rights beyond just finishing a 12K.

12. Finish lines are meant to be crossed

Running a race, no matter how long, gives you a set start and finish point. It offers a clear goal, and completion of any goal can give you a huge confidence boost. It can even motivate you to run a longer race in the future, such as a half marathon.

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