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13 miles to lifesaving care at Mary Bridge: Harvey's story

Posted on Dec. 9, 2016 ( comments)

Last February, a toddler named Harvey went into septic shock at Madigan Army Medical Center. When his vital signs crashed, a chaplain prepared Harvey's parents, Mike and Katie, to say goodbye to their son.

But the incredible team at Madigan did not give up on Harvey. They knew that Harvey had a chance to survive if they could get him to Mary Bridge where the life support and lifesaving care he needed awaited him.

No one was sure if Harvey would survive the 13 mile journey from Madigan to Mary Bridge — but it was certain he would not survive without trying.

Watch this incredible story unfold.


Harvey's story is an extraordinary one, but not uncommon at Mary Bridge.

Mary Bridge has been saving children's lives for more than 60 years thanks to hardworking staff and the generosity of our community. 

During the course of Harvey's 30-day stay, he was cared for by just about everyone who works at Mary Bridge — pediatric intensivists, ECMO technicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, child psychologists, child life specialists, and so many more. It took the entire Mary Bridge village to heal Harvey.

Harvey and his parents were also cared for by our generous community. The ECMO life support that saved his life was funded by Mary Bridge donors. The new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where Harvey was treated was funded by Mary Bridge donors. And finally, Harvey's family was able to stay just yards away at Tree House: A Place for Families while he recovered thanks to the generosity of Mary Bridge donors.  

Children want to live. We just need to give them a little help sometimes. 

You can support lifesaving care for children at Mary Bridge by donating to Where the Need Is Greatest at Mary Bridge.

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