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5 things every new mom should know

Posted on Nov. 18, 2014 ( comments)
Photo by LMR Photos, courtesy of Ruthy Taylor.

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Looking back on my daughter’s first year of life, I realize that so much of parenthood is trial and error. There are as many unique parenting styles as there are types of kids, and nothing about parenting is cut and dry.

No matter if you’re a crunchy mama, modern mama, by the book mama, stay at home mama or working mama, here are five things every new mom should know.

1. After you have your baby, you still look pregnant. Be prepared for someone to ask you three weeks postpartum when you’re due.

2. Do not wear white. At the end of the day it will be stained with spit up, snot, poop, pee, dirt, banana, or something sticky. Dark patterns are your friend.

3. All things home delivery is essential. Trust me. Free home delivery is the most amazing thing on the planet when you’re a new mom. Did you know can get practically anything you’d pick up at your local supermarket delivered to your front door? Groceries, diapers, produce, you name it … you can find it all from places like Amazon Prime, Terra Organics, Smith Brothers Farms and more.

4. Every kid is different. For example, most kids like to be swaddled, my daughter hated it. Most kids take a bottle and/or pacifier, my daughter wouldn’t. Most kids like their car seats and are soothed riding in a car, my daughter hates both. Tips and tricks that work for all of your friends kids might not work for yours. You know your child best; trust your instincts.

5. Time will never fly by faster. You can’t have too many photos or videos of the first year. So much of it is a blur, so document as much as possible!

Ruthy is a blogger living in Tacoma who writes mostly about life as a new mom, as well as updates details on their recently purchased mid century modern fixer upper that they have been remodeling room by room.

This story was originally published in November 2013 and updated in November 2014.

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